I just snuck into the backyard so I could eat an entire chocolate bar by myself, without having to share.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Guilt-free.  That’s the kind of selfish bitch I am.  What kind are you?

P.S.  I decided to  make sure I wasn’t caught  multi-task while I was out there, so I went in the guest room and checked to see if the boys have been flushing the toilet they use when the only toilet inside the house is occupied.  Who willingly lifts a toilet lid while enjoying a chocolate bar?  That’s the kind of seen-it-all-no-body-matter-or-function-can-phase-me mother I am.  What kind are you?

I also remembered that I wanted to send a birthday card to one of my favorite women in the world (and I keep a stash of cards for all occasions in the guest room).  Her birthday is tomorrow.  That’s the kind of  tardy  thoughtful friend I am.  What kind are you?

All this I am-ing makes me think of the I Am poem by Langston Hughes.  Technically, it’s called I, Too.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  It’s beautiful.  There I go telling you what to do.  That’s the kind of bossy blogger I am.  What kind are you?